Create a Project Assemble Systems

Assemble Systems is a SaaS platform for professional builders. It is part of Autodesk Construction Cloud(tm) and provides a solution that includes a BIM model, drawings, other data, and automated control systems. With its intuitive user interface, Assemble Systems provides construction professionals with an environment for managing their construction projects.

The product allows project teams to collaborate on 3D building models. Project teams can access the model’s BIM data, which they can use to make decisions about how to proceed with a project. Aside from providing a collaborative environment, Assemble also connects data to key workflows and enables project teams to publish, search, and query data for improved decision making. By connecting information, Assemble reduces risks to the bottom line and enhances predictability for projects.

The software also lets construction firms manage bids, schedules, and costs. It enables users to create custom data sets that can be accessed and used throughout the project. This can allow construction teams to accurately count materials and track project progress. In addition, the software allows users to analyze model-based building information to identify issues with the design.

The system provides users with access to project information in real time, which minimizes risk. Assemble’s integrated platform also makes it easy for project teams to communicate. Whether you’re in the office or on the jobsite, Assemble can help you make better decisions and increase productivity.

To begin working with Assemble, you first need to add yourself to the site directory. Once you’re added, you’ll be able to select and publish your project. You can also create team members, assign them roles, and change project information.

When working with your projects, you’ll notice that your model inventory is listed on the Project Dashboard. This includes the name of your project, the name of your team, and the description of your project. You can also view or archive a project for future use. Additionally, you can edit and delete a project. However, deleting a project requires confirmation.

After you’ve completed a project, you can upload assembly codes and update installation statuses. If you have any questions about Assemble, you can contact the service team. You can also get information from the knowledge base.

Assemble also provides a cloud-based viewer for a BIM model. Users can browse and filter through model data to visually verify its accuracy. Unlike other competitive products, Assemble’s viewer supports single-screen mode. This makes it faster and more intuitive to use. Furthermore, the Assemble viewer applies sorting and grouping to the data.

Assemble also has a Getting Started Tutorial. You can use this to learn how to navigate the system and to see how to set up your project. Several webinars are available, as well. Some of these include information about using the tool for quantity takeoffs. Other sessions are aimed at learning how to build a project with Assemble and creating custom searches.

You can also download files from Assemble. This includes assemblies, fabrication drawings, and point clouds. These files can be viewed, shared, or exported.