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Berlin Student Housing

Berlin Student Housing

Finding housing in Berlin is an important part of your studies. Luckily, there are many resources available to help you. One popular option is to use online platforms such as WG-Gesucht or ImmobilienScout24 to look for rooms and apartments. Another is to join Facebook groups such as “Berlin Student Apartments, Rooms and Sublets” or “Hertie Housing and Marketplace.” Just be sure to exercise caution when contacting strangers through these sites and always check references before moving into an apartment.Learn more:studentaccommodationone.com

Often, students rent private student apartments that come fully furnished and in close proximity to university buildings. These are ideal for students who prefer privacy and a more independent lifestyle. Alternatively, you can also choose to live in student halls of residence. University halls are ideal for first-year students as they ease their transition into student life and typically provide basic services and facilities. However, these are usually located within or very close to university campuses and can be quite noisy.

Student Living in Berlin: A Comprehensive Guide to Housing Options

In addition, a range of specialized student housing is being developed in and around Berlin. The recently opened GESOcampusby GESOBAU for example offers stylishly designed student apartments. This new type of accommodation has become increasingly popular in Germany as it offers students a combination of community, convenience, and independence.

It’s also important to note that most public universities in Germany are free for domestic and EU/EEA students, while tuition fees vary by individual university. The cost of living in Berlin can therefore be much lower for international students who are able to take advantage of this offer.

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