15, May
Sports News Online

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Youth Leagues: Developing the Next Generation of Athletes

The 1920s has been called the Golden Age of American sports, with baseball becoming a national pastime and major league football and other new professional teams being established. This led to a massive expansion of sports coverage in newspapers, radio and on television. Many of today’s most popular sports journalists started out as sports writers before moving into journalism full time.

There are a number of websites that offer a mixture of free and subscription-based sports news articles and blogs. They often rely on contributors to provide their content which can lead to a lack of quality control. There are however a number of platforms that act as a blog host and pay their contributors in a similar way to traditional publishers i.e. a price per word or article.

The growing importance of sport as a global business and the huge sums of money that are involved in the staging of events such as Olympic Games and football World Cups have attracted the attention of investigative journalists. Typically, these projects require an outsider who is not compromised by day to day dealings with the sportsmen and officials they are covering.

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