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Handmade Birthday Cards

Whether you’re making birthday handmade cards for her to someone else, it can be fun to make your own cards rather than buying them at the store. They’re easy to make and give you more creative control so you can design the perfect card for a friend or loved one. Plus, making a card for someone shows that you care more than simply sending them a text message or a Facebook post!

The best thing about handmade cards is that you can use up paper scraps, ribbons and twines, stickers and a whole lot of other things you might have on hand. Having a few basic art supplies around – markers, crayons or colored pencils, pens, and maybe some watercolor paint and glitter if you have them — will be enough to get you started.

If you have a friend or loved one who loves cats, this adorable card from Red Ted Art is a great choice! The punny sentiment is sure to make them smile.

Crafting Love: DIY Handmade Cards for Her That Will Melt Hearts

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers to brighten up someone’s day, so why not make them a little more special by making this gorgeous paper flower card from Country Scrap? This is a great way to use up extra ribbons and paper scraps and you can also add in some of their favorite colors too!

If you’re stuck for what to say in your card, consider adding a personal message of love and support. This could be something really sweet, funny or heartfelt, and it’s sure to warm their heart.

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