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Project Managers Use Assemble Systems to Leverage Building Information Models
Project Managers Assemble Systems

Assemble Systems is an intelligent data management solution that allows project managers to leverage data from a building information model. By automating processes such as takeoff, value engineering, schedule management, and design review, Assemble reduces risk and improves overall project performance. The company’s platform provides a secure, web-based interface, which simplifies the workflow of construction teams. It provides accurate, cost-effective estimates, schedules, and budgeting control.

Assemble is a SaaS product that works with Revit and AutoCAD. You can publish models to the cloud in minutes. Users can then access the model from a browser or download files that can be inserted into Revit. In addition, Assemble can export custom data sets to Excel. With these tools, users can make comparisons, track changes, and share information with all stakeholders.

Using Assemble, project teams can access BIM and VDC information and share it with their team members. The data can then be visualized in the context of the building model. A project’s team can also publish an Assembly Code file, which specifies how quantities are measured on a project. Moreover, users can access Assemble Insight, a web application that provides model information to any project stakeholder.

When a project’s team publishes a model, it automatically creates a new version of the data set. This gives everyone on the team access to the latest version of the model, ensuring that they can work from a single source of truth. Moreover, Assemble captures and stores all changes to the model. All users can then view the changes and use them for further analysis.

Unlike other project management solutions, Assemble’s web-based platform enables collaboration and efficient communication among team members. The software provides a shared, collaborative environment that provides real-time access to BIM and other data. Additionally, it is easy to create and manage projects. For example, when a user publishes a model, the platform will create a project card in a project dashboard that contains the name of the project, the job code, and a description of the model. Moreover, Project Administrators can manage other users on the project, edit the information, and assign team members.

The platform’s Getting Started Guide is a great resource for users. It will guide you through the process of importing a model, capturing and organizing data, and creating and sharing reports. Besides, the site offers sample projects for you to explore.

Assemble is used by some of the leading construction companies in the U.S. and around the world. These companies include Balfour Beatty Construction, Black & Veatch, Columbia Construction, Lehrer, LLC, and P. Agnes.

Assemble offers an affordable, scalable solution for LOD tracking and version management. Assemble allows users to create custom files for reuse across different projects. And, it can even be integrated with Primavera P6 to streamline the construction sequencing process. Among other things, the system provides data mining, budgeting, and trend reports.

In addition, Assemble offers an automated quantity takeoff system. This solution extracts quantities from the BIM model in seconds. Afterwards, the quantities are organized into an inventory by work breakdown structure. On top of that, the Assemble System organizes the data by properties. Therefore, it gives owners and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the BIM model.

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