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Vintage Land Rover Defender For Sale

A Vintage land rover defender for sale is one of the most iconic vehicles in history. Since its launch at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948, it has become a staple of the Land Rover brand and a favorite in many households.

What is the mileage of old Defender?

The original off-roader (or “one ten”, as it was known until 1984) is still in production today. Originally launched as the Land Rover 110 and later joined by the 90 and the new 127 in 1985, they’re now available in both three-door and five-door guises.

These vehicles aren’t just for a few off-roaders anymore, they’re also used by many police departments worldwide as patrol, communications and supply cars. In the UK, the Police Service of Northern Ireland has long been equipped with an armoured public order vehicle based on the Defender 110 chassis.

There are also several special editions that have been created for overseas markets; some of which are based on the regular NAS Defender, others on the G4 Challenge. In the US, for example, Land Rover created 300 Special Edition Station Wagons in 1997 that were painted in a one-year-only colour – Willow Green with a white roof – and featured body protection in the form of large diamond-plated sheeting and a safety cage.

With their rugged off-road capabilities, boxy design and unmistakable appeal to outdoorsy types, classic Land Rover Defenders are a true rarity. And while there are a few good alternatives on the market, none can match their heritage and romance.

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