17, Jan
What Are Dispute Resolution Services?

The time and expense of resolving disputes through traditional litigation can be substantial. Alternative Will Dispute Resolution Services processes can offer cost savings, efficiency and more creative solutions to the parties involved in a case.

What is dispute resolution with example?

The goal of ADR is to settle cases without resorting to litigation, which often involves expensive and time-consuming court hearings or meetings. ADR is a collaborative process that enables the parties to resolve their dispute themselves or with the help of a neutral person, such as a mediator.

Dispute resolution can occur at any point during the legal process, but it is generally more effective and economical if used early in a case when the facts and issues are still fresh and the people involved are more willing to discuss their concerns. In addition, if a dispute is resolved through ADR, the outcome is more likely to satisfy all parties because the result will be tailored to meet the unique needs of each party.

When a conflict arises, ADR can include such processes as mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Mediation is an informal, non-judicial method of dispute resolution in which the mediator tries to open communication between the disputing parties and help them find a solution to their disagreement.

Conciliation is an informal method of dispute resolution in which the neutral third party acts as a facilitator of open communication between the disputing parties and helps them work out their differences. Arbitration is a process in which the arbitrator listens to both sides of the argument, reviews the evidence and makes a decision on how to resolve the case.

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