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Why Choose a Resin Floor Company?

A resin floor company can provide the ideal solution for any commercial environment. These floors are extremely durable, offer superior hygienic characteristics and can be customised for slip resistance. They also have the ability to inhibit bacterial growth and are easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs.

Epoxy, polyurethane and microcement systems are designed for residential and commercial places, as well as industrial locations. They are available in countless colors and finishes (glossy, matt or satin). These floors can be used indoors and outdoors and can be customised according to the needs of the customer.

Why choose a resin floor?

A poured resin floor is made from an industrial-strength mixture of resin and chemically-reactive hardener materials. This liquid is applied over the original floor, creating a seamless finish that is customisable and offers a number of advantages over concrete or tile flooring.

The tight molecular bonds of a resin floor protect it from damage caused by temperature, impact, water and chemicals. These resins are often altered to boost their defensive properties or to create a more aesthetic result.

Resins can be laid to any thickness, from a standard floor seal of up to 150 microns through to heavy duty polyurethane screed at 9mm typically installed in a central processing area for a hospital. The majority of resin products have the option for a slip resistant surface which can be created by adding aggregate to the mix during installation or as a blinded coating over the top coat.

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